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Hi! I'm Stephanie, a writer and editor based on the East Coast, who assists brands in reaching their SEO and content goals.

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From front-page copy and blogs to branded content and targeted email marketing campaigns, I utilize search engine metrics and market research to create content that drives organic traffic and revenue.

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I have worked with numerous brands and blogs in the outdoor and travel industries, as well as conservation organizations and nonprofits.

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Why We Love The Pendry Hotels & Resorts (and Why You Should, Too)

Sleek design, a trendy vibe, always the best cocktails and we can bring Fido? Sign us up. As self-proclaimed hotel enthusiasts, we at Fora take our list of go-to places very seriously. One name that tops the list? The Pendry Hotels & Resorts.

From refined interiors and design-forward corners to thoughtful touches like welcome drinks upon arrival, Pendry’s urban oases offer travelers a sophisticated, yet relaxed take on hospitality. The hotel brand is known for creating warm, lively alcoves wher

5 Best Backpacking Trips on the East Coast

5 Best Backpacking Trips on the East Coast

Old-growth forests, towering waterfalls, and trails steeped with history: there is something magical about backpacking trips on the East Coast. Along with the dramatic cliffs and lush, green forests, one of the most prominent East Coast hiking attractions is the Appalachian Trail (AT). This long-distance trail stretches approximately 2,200 miles from Georgia to Maine but offers endless shorter multi-day hiking options.

Unsure about where to go for you

Announcing CEPF's 2022 Photo Contest Winners | CEPF

In honor of International Day of Biological Diversity, we’re unveiling the winners of CEPF’s ninth annual grantee photo contest!

The annual photo contest gives CEPF the chance to showcase the incredible work grantees do to protect and promote biodiversity. Every year we receive photos from biodiversity hotspots around the world highlighting species, critical ecosystems and the dedicated people who turn conservation strategies into concrete action.

The slogan for 2022’s International Day for Bi

The Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Adventure Travel

Adventure travel extends an invitation to some of our planet’s most remarkable places. Whether you’re trekking through Patagonia, rafting the Grand Canyon, or snorkeling in Raja Ampat, outdoor adventures allow you to step outside of your comfort zones, face new challenges, and experience different cultures, all while exploring unique regions around the globe.

In 2018, the adventure travel industry was valued at $586 billion. Now, in a post-Covid, adventure-hungry world, these already colossal n

Best Things to Do in North Cascades National Park

Discover the best things to do in North Cascades National Park including camping, lodging, hiking, paddling, & the best time to visit.

Spanning over 500,000 acres, North Cascades National Park in Washington is an alpine wonderland featuring vibrant lakes, thickly forested valleys, over 300 glaciers, and the most rugged peaks of the Cascade Range. With such prominent peaks and exceptional natural features, it’s no surprise that the park has been nicknamed the “American Alps”.

With its towering

Best Time to Visit Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Straddling the North Carolina-Tennessee border in the southeastern United States, the Great Smoky Mountains are home to cascading waterfalls, lush old-growth forests, and picturesque mountain peaks. This popular National Park, which spans over 500,000 acres, provides a glorious setting for year-round adventures, such as hiking, backpacking, kayaking, and bicycling. Each year, the park experiences four distinct seasons that attract millions who are eager to experience its abundant wildlife, roari

The Health Benefits of Hiking

Hiking is a great way to get outside, move your body, and explore new places. And it turns out, it’s really good for you, too. In fact, hiking’s many physical and mental health benefits make it one of the best workouts for both your body and your mind. It’s also relatively accessible compared to many sports. Hikers of any age or ability level can find a hike that will provide them with an appropriate challenge.

In the last year and a half, many people around the world have taken up hiking for s

What To Pack On Your Backpacking Trip | Blog

What To Pack For A Backpacking Trip

Backpacking is the ultimate outdoor activity; you get the opportunity to focus on your surroundings and enjoy a reprieve from everyday life. If you pack simply, you’ll get the chance to explore the outdoors with just the essentials. You might be wondering: what’s considered essential? Well, that depends on the length, duration, and location of your trip. But because backpacking requires you to carry everything on your back, it’s important to strike the balanc

10 Ways to Give Back While Traveling & Support Local Communities

What to support local communities when you travel? In this post, learn our best tips for how to give back while traveling

Our travels have the potential to change our lives as they open our eyes to new regions, cultures, lifestyles, and world views. Yet while exploring the world offers us opportunities for growth and transformation, many of us struggle to find meaningful ways to support the people and places we travel to. No matter where your next adventure takes you, finding meaningful ways to

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